Scholarship Information


We are welcoming submissions for 2015 Scholarships!


In order to be sucessful to gain scholarship funding from Late: Prof Udhay Singhs Gurmat Khalsa School the following criteria will be assessed:

  1. Has the student sucessfully participated in the school for education and/or volunteering hours?

  2. Has the student helped in management and planning of school execution and regular programs including camps?

  3. Has the student participated in minimum amount of hours required for assessment?

  4. Has the student participated in external Sikh volunteering programs?

  5. Has the student examplified a minimum required GPA average in the current school year?

  6. Does the student have a passion for punjabi language and the passion towards higher educational needs?

  7. Does the student possess a goal and ambition to a particular program of their choice, must have a clear understanding of their career path.


For more information please contact administration at


We are greatful for your interest and submissions.


Thank you in advance.