Khalsa School is a not for profit organization.  The school does not take any fees towards the school or education provided.  All books and course material is provided at no additional cost.  There is a instrument charge that each student must pay for their own harmonium or tabla, however if that is difficult the school does help in paying that amount.  As we do not take any fee Prof. Uday Singh pays all expenses for the unit and materials used at the school.  

In order to maintain a clean friendly environment we all need to play a part in something bigger than all of us.

If you wish to help in a donation to the school you are welcome to.  However, these will be anonymous and all monies will go towards to more school materials and unit expenses.  We do not pay any teachers or instructors for their time so it is  greatly appreciated that you see their dedication to their students and hard work in maintaining a high level of education.

If you would like to help please contact us via the contact form. Or call/email us directly.