The school provides adults and children with a variety of resources and education materials.  The following classes are available:

  • Punjabi Literature
  • Sikh History
  • Lareevar Santhiya
  • Punjabi Level 1-5.
  • Classical Kirtan Beginners to Advance
  • Tabla Beginners to Advance.


All classes are free and any child or adult can join any class which they are interested in.  Gurmat Khalsa School is open on the weekends from 2-6.

Gurmat Khalsa School first opened its doors in Mississauga, Malton over 10 years ago.  Prof. Uday Singh has been teaching gurmukhi for over 37 years and is a retired Laurentian University math professor. 

He has committed his time and money to a very important cause, education.  He believes without the necessary fundamentals of any language you can not succeed and become successful.  Prof. also believes selfless seva, as he does not take any profits or funding for his school.